Use words that your customers will hear.


Louise Lavery is a freelance writer based in Wynnum, Brisbane.  She is trained in SEO content optimisation, Inbound (Hubspot) certified and specialises in helping small businesses connect with their audiences. 

Her writing is creative, clever and clear. She can work with you to determine what kind of people you're trying to connect with and then choose the kind of words that they'll pay attention to. 

Louise works with small, local businesses to help them grow. Her prices are competitive and in line with the capacity of small business. She's easy to communicate with, easy to contact and does what she says she will. 

It's a bayside thing. 



What's on offer? 

. Louise can help you with - 


What's the process? 

Here's what you do - 

  • Get in contact to introduce yourself and your business
  • Arrange a meeting (in person or via Skype) 
  • Answer a few questions about your business, your brand and your end goal
  • Review Louise's plan for your content 
  • Receive well-thought out, reasonably priced words that will help more customers find your business 


What's the cost? 

Cost breakdown is determined by - 

  • The level of research that the task requires
  • Your existing content that may require editing
  • Word length and project size
  • Scale
  • Complexity

After a consultation, Louise will be able to present you with a quote. Her rates are competitive, reasonable and within the scope of most small businesses. 

Costs are all explained upfront with no hidden extras.  If it looks like things will change, you'll be the first to know.  And no changes will be made unless you approve.