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Louise Lavery

Louise Lavery is a freelance writer, young adult novelist, content creator, academic tutor and straight-up boss-lady based in Brisbane, Australia. 

She is also an online content manager, is trained in content optimisation and has her Inbound Certification (Hubspot).

Her speciality is to cut to the core of a client's message. Who is your audience? How do they need to hear what you want to tell them? How do you find that perfect balance between direct and personable without the fluff in the middle?

Louise's work has an emotional, personal appeal that resonates with readers sick of soulless copy. Her flair for prose and her desire to extend beyond briefs in order to challenge clients to do, be and say more to their audiences set her apart from others in her field. 


Louise writes in an dynamic, creative way - she is a story-teller. Clients appreciate not only the traffic her SEO services brings but the way her content engages and embraces existing readers whilst encouraging new ones. 

Louise's work turnaround rate is second to none, as her clients will attest to. Approachable, communicative and fast.

An audience can connect with a producer when they hear a story in a language they can understand. 

What story do you want to tell?





Samples of work

Louise Lavery has been working as a freelance writer since December 2016 after leaving a career as a senior English teacher. The majority of her current online presence can be found in the 'parenting' sphere. Her other interests and abilities lay in the areas of mindfulness and psychology, representations of mental health and adolescence, pop culture discussion, education and literacy. 



Louise wrote  humorous blogs for popular website and Facebook group BabyHintsandTips from 2014-2017. She was also involved in article writing, social media engagement, aggregate content and boosting readership

Louise is a writer for Families Online. as well as the Online Content Manager. Her very regular contributions involve the production and delivery of aggregate content, detailed reviews, curriculum and education reports, examinations into literacy strategies, large-scale features and opinion pieces. 

Louise began working with Talk About Creative in March 2017. She also works with Street Science, All Mum Said and Happy Go Travel Blog



Louise has been published in: 

  • Screen Education, Metro Magazine, 2016.  "Confronting the Zombie Apocalpyse" explored how "The Walking Dead" demonstrates conflict concepts VCE English students can be mapped in popular culture.
  • Screen Education, Metro Magazine, 2017. "Kids on Film: Teaching Documentary in the English Classroom" examined the pairing of a junior curriculum with serious film study. You can find the text of the article at this link. 
  • Upcoming features in Screen Education: Study of documentary in Junior English. Embracing the SITCOM as a way of teaching narrative and characterisation. Inside Out: Big Conversations with Little People
  • Families Magazine Gold Coast - Flexible Learning Spaces
  • Families Magazine Brisbane - various
  • Families Magazine Toowoomba - various
What we love about Louise is her ability to quickly grasp what is required and how she is able to use her common sense to develop any request to a strong article that meets our criteria. She has embraced feedback eagerly and is always keen to learn. She is not afraid to seek clarity and we are always impressed with her thoughtful, considered questions. Louise’s strengths are her attention to detail, her professionalism and her organised approach to her work. She has a 100% success rate in meeting our (sometimes tight) deadlines.
— Janine Mergler, Editor, Families Magazine




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Blogs & opinion pieces 

Does your website need more personality? Are you looking for a way to creatively engage a discerning audience? Need to get some conversation started? 

Can write to any topic, credited or ghost.  

sourced articles 

Thoughtful, researched and measured articles on a variety of topics. Perfect if you need something that contextualises a bigger issue through a lens that your audience needs to look through. 

Any length, any topic, any time. 



social media content creation and engagement

Facebook engagement and scheduling, page and reach growth and online community building. Regularly scheduled content, 'chat' posts and regular replies to your FB followers in the 'voice' of your brand. 

aggregate content 

Allow SEO to work for you by bringing more visitors to your page via the presentation of carefully selected and constructed aggregate content. Drive traffic your way for a change




Quality reviews of products, events, venues and performances provided for free. You provide the brief and the access and you'll have the review complete within one day. Guaranteed. 

organisation, listings and more

Is everything a bit of a mess? Do you need to organise your content, writers and your life? Excellent organisational strategies with a 'minimalist' approach. Get some help making things simpler, easier and smoother. 



From the very start, Louise was responsive to our requests. She understood our audience and delivered on time, every time. She was always seeking feedback to ensure we were happy... and carried out a thorough review to ensure we were happy with the final product.

Louise was always ready to implement any edits we suggested. She also offered advice and direction to us on other projects that has impacted on our business immensely.

Louise is easy to work with, a great communicator who understands her audience, her product and the business behind it all. We would highly recommend Louise to anyone and we hope to continue to work with her for many years to come! - Lucy Ellis & Roxy GK - Rocking Your Imperfect!




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